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3D elastic material launched: printing goddess inflatable doll is no longer a dream
It was too hot for some time before 3D printing, but due to the relationship between material and density, there are still many things that 3D printing cannot do. Now most 3D printers print things that are too hard, and there are too many restrictions on the feel and what can be printed.

Although you can 3D print guns and 3D print models, if you want to 3D print a pair of slippers with current materials, it is very impractical.
The next day, a 3D printing company called Shapeways invented a new type of flexible 3D printed plastic called Elasto Plastic. Elasto Plastic is a milky white particulate material that supports 3D laser printer sintering.

Unlike ordinary 3D printing materials, its biggest feature is that even after molding, it still has a certain degree of flexibility, supports external force to squeeze, twist, and even pull, etc., and is full of elasticity, and the rebound effect is very good.

Interestingly, it is also waterproof and can be used as a container for liquids. However, Elasto Plastic is still experimental, and there are still many issues to be resolved.

Shapeways can only be officially launched for sale if it guarantees the use of this material to print high-strength, durable and durable 3D printed items. The test will last 6 weeks and end on July 9. At that time, Shapeways will decide whether to use high-elastic plastic as a long-term The printed materials provided.

Once this material matures, it can be applied to a wider range of things, such as 3D printed slippers, 3D printed sex products, 3D printed inflatable dolls. Printing the goddess in your heart at any time is no longer a dream, which makes singles for decades Friends found hope again.

Of course, not only that, the smart bracelet in the future can also be printed out in 3D, and you can also 3D print the watchband and any other objects you can imagine. Imagine that when this kind of material matures, as long as you buy a smart watch in the future, you can freely 3D print a unique strap. Of course, traditional watches can also be replaced with 3D printed straps, and you can print yourself every day. A different pair of shoes, even high heels.