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what's marry sue
ok how do people think my story is marry sue????? all it's about is this girl lilith who ends up getting involved with the death eaters. she's pansy's twin sister. lilith whos been away in france with her aunt and her dad just comes back once lilith's aunt v finds out her dad is still a death eater so she makes lilith go back to england and gose back with her to keep her away from her dad. but lilith's back with a mission, to get harry potter to the dark lord. though all this she starts to fall for her sisters boyfriend draco malfoy.

I'm not saying lilith is perfect at all and if you actually read the story you can tell. so how is she marry sue? she's not prefect and doesnt get along with everyone at all. please tell me how this is marry sue?
From what i've read and known about Mary Sue's even if the writer sees and/or believes them as to be not quite perfect or not perfect; others can see other characters and such as a mary sue just by the character(s) either getting too much special attention or being untouched.

I used to write mary sues a while ago, but it took me a while to figue out and sort everything out with me writing mary sues. Like if I was in an rp I would think of my character as the best and most perfect. Ex: If there was a fight my character was in I wouldn't let my character have flaws and most likely allow them to win the fight.

Whether what I said makes sence or not, If a character(s) to others seems as perfect or untouchable or too special, they will most likely be considered a Mary Sue. So my suggestion would be to make the flaws of the character more open or make some flaws up so the character doesn't seem like a Mary Sue.
Mary Sue can mean many different things. I think what people mean by Lilith being a Mary Sue is that they do not believe that she is a real person. That's half the battle with writing in general. You have to make your character believable.

The way I write is that I am the personw riting this character's story and that this person actually exists. If I believe that they exist the character is more believable to your readers.

If you want a major example of Mary Sue - Bella from Twilight. There is a Mary Sue.