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harry potter time reality travel challenge
I open a challenge to write a time reality crossover story. The rules are very simple:

1. it is based on harry potter as in he is the lead character.

2. harry travels back in time after defeating voldermort. it can be epilogue friendly if you want but it has to take place after the epilogue. harry can have any powers you want before going back. if it is not based after the last book that is fine too.

3. Harry can not be with ginny. This has to be harry/harem. 10 female characters only from his reality.

4. you have to follow the original time line up until the fifth book. for the exception of sirius and luna plot lines.

5. you can kill any characters except harry and his harem.

6. character bashing is allowed in any of the realties except for lilly, the marauders, and fred and george. wormtail is the only one of the marauders allowed to be bashed.

7. voldermort can be defeated or you can wait for harry to finish his journey before defeating him.

8. travel method is up to you but has to know that he is traveling through realities. harry is always very powerful and smart in every reality it can be challenging for him but harry leaves the reality better than when he gets there.

9. harry alway picks up characters from every reality for both an army and his harem. at least 5 characters and no more than 10 for his harem. for his army of good 15 characters and under.

10. he can take tech (which includes weapons and ships) with him and gains powers and skills from these realities. you have to explain how he gains things though.

11. no slash.

12. harry can be light dark or grey but can not be evil.

thats it for the rules now the realities and there rules. you can make up the order he travels by.

1. marvel universe: first you can bash any character except logan punisher and gambit. second if you want you can use two different makes for this reality the movies or the ultimate comic books. if you want he can travel to both. if you do use the movies only disregard the third x-men and spiderman films. third no killing characters and bringing them back to life. he can not kill every villain he has to leave a few. last he can help characters like ben grim or the hulk if they come with him or not either way up to you.

2. DC universe: if cartoon just use the justice league cartoon new one by the way not the old one i mean superfriends is the old one and you can use the smallville universe too. only character that can't be bashed is batman do what you want with any other. batman also can't leave this universe either can superman. if you want to use batman beyond go ahead and legion of super heroes is fine too.

3. stargate: can start just before or after anubis. can go through to to atlantis and the ori. can not make other characters for the harem has to be women from the show. only other characters for the army and only furlings, asgard, and ancients no human characters for the army.

4. anime: you can mix the anime together or they can be a part. naruto can not leave his reality and depending on if he ends up with sacura or hinata he has to end up with one of the two. you can turn any of akatski good except for snake face and the leader. has to land after naruto returns from training so shippuden. bleach ichigo can't leave and has to end up wit orihemie or rukia. harry enters after rukia is rescued and eizen leaves. sekirie i just like tihis world so harry can come get a few sekiri and then leave. gundum either wing or seed or both if you can. can take who he wants. inuyasha both he and kogme can't leave other than that don't care. dragonball after gt and they can all go if you want no real rules except after gt.

5. vampire: basically buffy/angel twilight supernatural and charmed any one can leave there worlds. the only thing is that it has to be harry/alice from twilight without jasper.

6. resident evil: the movies not the video game.

7. starwars: only one rule even though they weren't the best part of the franchise has to start from either 1,2, or 3.

8. if you want harry can come to this world and bring back any actress, singer, or model. this one isn't really a big deal just for fun.

thats it that is my challenge to anyone if you want to pass it along go ahead just send it to me when you start so i can read it.
also i know i put it up as a story but i have taken it down i just wanted it to be seen quickly.
Why a harem? And from what I can tell, you set this up to be more of a "Write what you want but you have to write what I want." kinda thing. If you removed the harem bit and just kept the whole time travel thing in place, it could be a really neat challenge.
i like the idea of harems and how the govern themselves, also harry being one man needs help governing the people who come with him. the time travel part i made so it is easier for the writer to make him kill or do questionable things.
time travel is also recurrent in the realities.
These are the most remarkable ideas. I very much am pleasant like all parts, each time a modern history, adventures.
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