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~strikes an impressive-looking pose~
... Until I fall over, that is.

I'm very vaguely new-ish; I've been here a few months, but I've been mainly inactive, apart from harassing the Suggest a Category option every few days. But now that's been fixed, so I can pester it some more. (Ho hee!) I write mainly RPS and some original stuff (also mainly slash) and can be found in a corner somewhere begging for feedback. ~hint hint~
Hello and welcome! Now that the new admin tools for category maintenance are finished, we should always be able to add new categories within a day. Now I just need to finish the tools for characters, and we'll have things rolling smoothly. Hope you enjoy the site!
Thanks! And yes, I am, very much. (Well, apart from the general oh-my-god-what-if-they-all-hate it, but that's pretty usual. :P)
slaps self Thanks, I finally realized what RPS is now. On with the slash!