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Trying to find a HP fic
Hey, i am hoping someone can help me find this fic again. I think it may actually have been removed, but im not sure.

Its a super powered harry, and he mind dumps voldemort, snape and dumbeldore. I know that he is 'the black' a very stong dragon animagus. Numerous pairings, beginning with clubbing with one of the patils and lavender brown. Small features i can remember such as some type of clay, art, voldemort a nundu animagus, hoverboards.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction
Got it
Unchained, can't find a link right now though. I'll get back to you soon.
Thank you
Thank you for finding it, dont worry about a link. The author, lucifael75 has left this sight, taking all of his fics with him. If anyone wants to read his old and new work, i have attached a link to his profile on his new site. He doesnt intend to repost on this sight.