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Moved to other Archives?
Just came here to check after a long time to see if the site had finally been fixed (...yeah, a longshot) or gone down completely.

Have people moved their stuff over to other archives? I know there's a lot of great fic here and it's a shame to think of it just moldering on broken pages until the whole place disappears.

I guess everyone knows fanfiction.net, and adultfanfiction.net for the high rated stuff they don't take. Also, there's mediaminer.org, which has similarly been around for forever but is a lot less restrictive than ff.net, and there's a new place archiveofourown.org which is still kind of unfinished but has a lot of people invested in running it and takes basically everything. There's also fos-ff.net (low traffic, but been around for a while), and lunaescence.com (they've moderated). And fandom-specific archives too.

Where did you move your stories to, and why? Or if you didn't, why not?
I moved my stories off this site a long time ago due to low traffic and the fact that it seemed to be stagnating - which is a shame because I think it had real potential.

Besides archiving them on my LJ account (which I know isn't going anywhere), I made http://www.evocativefics.net/ my new home on the interwebs. And, yes, I mean made it literally. I'm one of the co-owners of the site.
LJ, deviantart, fanfiction.net, (mibba, although...)
Fan Nation is also a good archive. They use efiction script.

I deleted my stories here--though it wouldn't let me delete the first chapter of one of them. There was nothing here that I didn't have elsewhere, and the continued absence of the owner has made the site less and less appealing.
Not hanging out much here anymore (except for the LOLZ to be found in the forum). I moved away three years ago to greener pastures. My archive of choice is http://www.skyehawke.com - no restrictions on genre or rating. And the archive is actually in working order, not like some;-)
I only have a couple of one-shots here as I've never been able to get my multi-chapter stories to upload properly. I have them at ff.net and, more recently, at http://www.hpfanficarchive.com/. It's a fairly new site, that allows pretty much anything but slash.
I just use good ol' ffnet and affnet now, and my livejournal. I signed up at ArchiveOfOurOwn but I keep forgetting to use it.

Yeah, this place is pretty much dead. Too bad, but that's the way of the interwebs!
stories are missing
Just came back after awhile, and lots of stories are missing. Click on them and they aren't there. It's a shame.