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I love this.
I didn't know how else to tell you so.....
Thank's for creating this site.
Hey, uh, I sent an email to the admin, and I was just wondering when you'd be getting back to me.
Um... Incase you didnt know this already your search is screwed up
Please keep this site up and running!
I really LOVE this site so I hope you keep it up and running! I'm a newbie but it's the best writing site I've ever joined. Just wanted to say that.

Thanks you!
hurry up
Good Post.
I'm glad because if you fixed it i will finally be getting emails for when i get reveiws for my fics and updates for other fics.
Glad to have you back.
Actually, I haven't gotten a single email for when people reveiw my stories or when the stories i have on my alert has been updated.
I would really wish you could fix it as i've been putting up with it for four days. I'm sick of having to practically stalk ficwad for when i know stories has been updated.
He's not gonna be fixing anything else anytime too soon. The turd's too busy doing other bogus shit when he should be fixing it. Instead he's probably going to ignore it for another couple years. You're better off writing your smutty stories on AFF.net instead.
im still a little new to ficwad. But i love it. please read my fanfic about jack and alex from all time low. Its called SWAG. which stands for sex with alex gaskath