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Coming Attractions
When summer ends I'll write either a Futurama fanfic called, "Drag Fry to Hell" or another American Dad fanfic called, "Brett's Back". Another Futurama fanfic idea I had in mind is "The Green Spore-Net".

Next year in 2011, I'll write some more AD fanfics, "Roger's Very Own Pilot Episode" and "Stan Smith In The House".

If you want to see my American Dad fanfics go to 'Original' and click 'Humor'. You'll find them there.
Forget The Green Spore-Net. A friend of mine is writing that one. Drag Fry to Hell will be my next one.
I plan on(sooner or later,but most likely later) writing a fic wherein the characters from my previous fics decide to make revenge and take a shot at me for treating them so badly.So,to all of you who still care(I'm talking to you three),now you got something to look forward to!
Also,I plan on making the title off "Six characters in search of an author" by Luigi Pirandelli(not a fanfic writer,mind you),but I haven't found the right pun yet.