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AO Harry Potter Polyjuice (No Slash) Story Idea
Hey i came up with an idea for Harry Potter story...

It goes like this, after the war harry and ginny are married and have spiced up their love life (cos ginny is a bit freaky) by ginny taking polyjuice potion and them having sex as harry + another girl (tonks, cho, luna, etc- that way its like a harem story but not).
Anyway, hermione sees them one day, and initially thinks that harry is cheating but then see's the girl turn back into ginny.
Now you can have the next bit be planned or happen spontaneously,
Hermione is about to be caught watching and so quickly knocks ginny out, takes some of her hair and adds it to the potion. She then takes a small amount turning into ginny for a few minutes, and goes back to harry in the bedroom as ginny, where she pretends to drink the polyjuice as it is wearing off. To harry it looks like ginny turning into hermione. He comments how taboo the idea is and they shag relentlessly. Hermione then leaves planting a false memory in the still unconscious ginny, and makes a note to do this more often (cos ron sucks in the sack).
What do you guys think? Suggestions or feedback appreciated
Nice idea, for what it's worth, honestly.