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auditions...annoy me.
Now I hope I don't offend anyone, but when people hold auditions..it's annoying to me. I mean I understand it's hard to create characters, but then you get too much people and the author stops updating the story...I just find it really irritating.
yeah I agree. When there's too much people it becomes a little jumbled.
I mean I love to fill them out cause they are fun, but then it seems like you're doing it for nothing when the story stops.
I gave a girl three of my characters and she deleted the story.
I feel like I got scammed.
It is fun to fill them out though. I just wish she hadn't deleted the story and taken my characters.
@chickpeacool, same thing happened to me. Or the person only gets in 2-3 chapters and then here comes 'sorry, but I'm running out of ideas and well I think I'm gonna stop the story.'

I just wish that when you hold auditions, actually have a plot going, so we're not wasting time filling them out.