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Originality is impossible these days
Hi there. My [username] is Grimaud, and I'd say I've been on Ficwad since about... eh, probably 2007. I'm currently in the process of writing one fic (http://www.ficwad.com/story/149003). It's a long and difficult process, and I my attention span is about as long as Obama's dick.

Like I explained in the title, I'm finding originality nearly impossible. Sometimes I'll think I have a good idea and then I'll go find a fic that has the same plot, same characters, same setting, same EVERYTHING. It's definitely tricky to write good stuff without getting weighed down with all the material and cliches out there. Any tips on that? Some sort of "checklist" or something out there I can go down to ensure that I don't go and practically copy somebody else's work?
um, just don't look at anyone else's work. It's okay if you and another have the same plot. And, it's okay to take an idea and morph it to your own ideas.That's what I do. But, I came up with several ideas of mine by reading something and asking myself: What don't I like about this? Is there something I would have done completely different?
Try it.