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Reading Habits
Is it just me or does this new, few stories, fresh ground ambiance around here foster more cross-genre reading?

On ff.net or mediaminer I don't usually find myself thinking, "Great Inuyasha 'fic. Now have they done any Harry Potter?" but while I'm on here, I'm more likely to cross lines.
Since this is a new site, it will be easier to read from multiple categories considering most of the sections are still small and growing. I believe that this site seems more open to fresh new ideas, so do what suits your fancy in reading.
sometimes... this site frustrates me more than ff.net... i've had an account for a while and i rarely get reviews... of course any time i am on my comp is after i beat my sis off of it... bleh... but on animespiral.com i got reviews super fast... idk why...
I think there's more of tendency to sample other genres and fics if there are less stories. On ff.net... it's simply an effort to trawl through piles and piles of fanfiction and only find a couple (if you're lucky) of gems. I haven't really done a lot of fanfic reading (since I started on "teh Internets") until I started posting here.
I know how you feel Dark. But seeing as how the site is really new and all, it'll be kinda hard to get hundreds of reviews like one gets of FF.net