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Domain expiring once again
The domain ficwad.com expires today. There might be some grace period, but unless the admin renews is, the site will be functionally unreachable to most people.

If I have to move my story, I will go to http://archiveofourown.org/ , because it has similar content policies to Ficwad. If you aren't the sort of person who expects to get in trouble just for breathing, fanfiction.net has a mature interface and a large userbase.

Another sad thing about ficwad is that technically, the site works really well, for all people whine about it. No other fanfiction site has an equivalent feature to Ficwad's ratings, which in terms of feedback lie somewhere between a raw hit count and a review.

Without the artistic freedom, I might not have tried my hand at fanfiction at all. Same goes for the interface and general attitude, which didn't make me uncomfortable the way Archive of Our Own does for some reason.

Without that rating system, I might not have kept going long enough to get many reviews, and I might have lost enthusiasm long ago.

At the moment, I have a 100k word fanfic, which I had no idea I was ever going to manage. I now have the self-confidence to go elsewhere, but I'm not sure it would have all happened in the first place anywhere else.

I'm praising the site, not whining about the admin (who has every right to just give up, although I'd appreciate them warning us).

So, thank you, Ficwad. You've done a lot of good, and a lot of people will miss you.

But really, it would be nice if the domain got renewed for another year. :)
More notes about other sites:

Fanfiction.net is gigantic. For comparison, Ficwad has about 28k stories /total/. Fanfiction.net has about 500k stories for Harry Potter alone (vs 1.5k on Ficwad and 10k on Archive of Our Own). So, orders of magnitude here. Ficwad is small.

Archive of Our Own has no per-chapter rating or reviewing. There is a generic "leave kudos" feature which is per-story, displayed in search results, but apparently by design not something you can filter, search, or sort by. But it's better than nothing. It also lets you see how many people have bookmarked a story (not sortable), and how many hits it has had (sortable), both of which are feature ficwad lacks.

Fanfiction.net has per-chapter reviews. It has none of the other features I just described.
It got renewed today. We're off the hook for another year. :)