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I absolutely love this idea. However, I was wondering if you could accrue good karma by the act of using your ratings points?
It's driving me a bit crazy that I have a bunch of new stories I'd like to rate, and I have to wait . . . but then, I guess that's kind of the point, right? Maybe it's just me and being impatient.
By just using them up? I don't think that's how it works. Besides, that might encourage spammers.
It sort of works that way. Rate well (according to metarating), review well (according to the person you review), and your karma improves.

So blind spamming won't get you karma, since you don't gain anything until others say that your contribution was helpful. Since rating is limited, it would take weeks to boost your karma, so people who want to cheat the system will probably go with reviews. And so that we admins didn't notice (we have reports for this stuff), you'd want to leave at least plausibly helpful reviews... at which point you're more or less a legitimate user. :-)

We don't care if you're leaving reviews for the sole purpose of getting more karma, so long as they're helpful reviews.

(We do care if you're adding then deleting stories to get around limits. But that's what automatic karma penalties are for.)