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SSBB rp :D?
i am reaallyy bored and i was wondering if anybody was up for some rp-ing =3?
-sits down in the middle of the sm hallway-
(sm = smash mansion)
(im ike btw xD forgot to add that in there o.o)
-stmbles out of the fire emblem dorm and trips over ike-
(and im marth :3 nice to meet you xD!)
oh...sorry about that marth :P
-blushes- i...its no prob...
so do you want to do anything today :]??
-gets off the floor and dusts of butt (:P)- erm....not really... starts thinking about ike ^3^
so...had any worthy opponents latley? I know i havent... i think us guys from fire emblem are just too bad-ass that nobody can defeat us >:P except for that roy dude he was kinda...iffy o.o...