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When a cancelled TV Show comes back
Why is it when a cancelled TV Show comes back, everyone on the internet message boards, Facebook, or Twitter have to complain about how bad it is? All people on there ever do is complain about how much the new season sucks, how much the episodes suck, how much the characters suck! What's with that?

Can't people just be happy with what they have? That's why the American economy collapsed! People weren't happy with what they had. I also hate how some complain that the lead male and the lead female aren't together like fans want them to. Or they complain that the lead female is acting like the bad ass tough guy of the show and is doing things to get the lead male's attention!

If they hate the show so much now that it's come back, then they shouldn't watch it if they're going to complain! What do they want? The lead female to act wimpy and submissive to the lead male? If they hate the show, they should move onto something else.

Beavis and Butt-head made a comeback, why don't they give them a try? LOL!

Anyone care to put in their 2 cents on this?