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Just the Lurkdragon here.
So, was reading the LiveJournal community fanficrants, and someone posted a rant about FF.Net taking stories down without seeming to actually check if said stories break any rules. Linking to other fic archives commenced, and this one was one of the ones mentioned.

I just joined yesterday, and so far, I like what I see. ^_^

As for me, I just like to wander around the 'Net, mostly lurking. Hence the screename. At the moment, I'm mostly writing in the Ecco the Dolphin fandom, specifically the storyline from the original Genesis series, because I took a challege over at the LiveJournal community fanfic100 to write 100 fics set in said universe.

And I'm sure that's at least partially Geek to just about everyone, so I'll be quiet now. :)