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Hi, everyone!
I'm JunoMagic or simply Juno. I found my way here today because I'm so completely fed up with FFNet management. And so far I'm really happy with how friendly, easy and professional this site is. :-)

I've been writing a lot of LOTR fanfiction, but lately I have been working mainly on original stuff. This year I also hope to venture into the realm of Anne McCaffrey fanfiction, now that she graciously allows it. If you want to know more about me, you can look at my profile.

I'm glad to meet all of you!

And if you are interested in my writing style, I've started posting my longest story here today, "Lothíriel - The Tenth Walker! Novel".


An Anne McCaffrey fan, eh? I look forward to reading your stuff :)

I'm doing a reading challenge "read my height" and I plan on reading all the Pern novels again and writing one fanfic story per book. That should get me some height for the challenge and hopefully the readers here some stories.

Thank you for the friendly welcome!

Hi Juno, nice to meet you! I'm Cerasi, I'm new here, too.

waves to all

I agree with you about the FanFiction.Net Nazis. Who knew you could put rules and restrictions on fiction??? =P
I generally toe the lines, so I don't have any serious issues with FanFiction. But I am starting to like this site. It just needs some upgrades and it will be a very serious contender to FanFiction.

Hello. I am also a Ficwad nublet.
Hi CerasiJ and Forge,

I think soon we can form a club here! FFNet expats or something... and yay for toeing FFNet lines. ;-)

Ah, I wouldn't fit in then. I have more of a dual-citizenship.
Nice to meet you both, Forge and Juno! =D

Well, it's not that I didn't 'toe the line'. I've always played by the rules, I guess, but all of a sudden, three of my stories were pulled for 'rule violations'. I tried to appeal and have them restored, but to no avail. They wouldn't even tell me why they pulled my stories!

So, I just think my fiction will be better off somewhere where I don't have to bend to rules. That's not the way writing is supposed to be. =)

Also, Juno, thank you for reviewing my poem! I'm very glad you liked it! =)
I'm not going to leave FFNet completely... but I am glad that there's an alternative. I post at a number of other archives, but they are one fandom only. And as I said, I want to try some new fandoms this year!

CerasiJ, it was a pleasure! :-)
I too have dual citizenship ;) I'm not going to leave ff.net entirely, largely because I really can't be bothered to ship everything over here, but I do prefer FicWad's friendlier atmosphere and more relaxed attitudes. Over the years, I have lost a lot of fics to ff.net's various purges, but I can't see that happening here.

I'm rapidly growing to love this site :)