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Hello :)
Hi, I am new here. I was wondering why I can't suggest any new sections for fanfiction? I can't seem to add any of the new fandoms that I currently write in. Does anyone know if there's a bug in the system?
Hi :D
It's a pleasure to meet everyone here ;)
Hi there i am a newbie here
Hi there hello to every one.
hay what's up my name is hellhound13 and i just signed up
so are we all newbie or what I'm dieing of dumassed parent disese

symptums- no facebook, no txting on cellphone, no TV ...........
............few to no friends(can you guys help withg that one)

they don't know I have a e-mail, I have to sneek this stuff at night/at B.F.F's house (ok 1 friend but her mom and my mom.... you get it)

-wana meet some one new-
hi my name is Pai