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Just stumbled onto this site, and I quite like it. So hello to one and all,I loo forward to reading everyones stuff :)
(bows) Greetings, docgirl. Are you the eighth daughter of a doctor or just named after one?
Actually, the name comes from my friends incessent teasing about my fondness for a certain Timelord ;)
Ah. The eighth avatar of Dr. Who?
Indeed,I adore the Eighth Doctor, and well, Paul McGann in general.
Indeed,I adore the Eighth Doctor, and just Paul McGann in general.
Someday I need to get my paws on the new series. Gah. I grew up on Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and was awfully fond of Sylvester McCoy before the series got axed.
Oops, last post seemed to have double posted ,Sorry.
My first and favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee. I grew up with the third and fourth Doctors back in the '70s. (My fondness for Mr McGann started in the eighties,and had nowt to do with Dr Who.)
Aiiieee! I just remembered some really awful Doctor/Jo Grant fanfic I wrote as a teen that's probably still lying in a notebook in a bin under my bed. PAGES and PAGES of Gary Stu/Mary Sue angst. A godawful self-insert into that Atlantis story, in particular.

And really bad Buck Rogers in the 25th Century fanfic. And Trek garbage, back when there was only one Trek plus that extremely bizarre animated series that was on the air back then.

Sometimes I am incredibly grateful the net did not exist when I was growing up; I was spared the embarrassment of posting terrible writing and having it get picked up by web archive spiders.

At any rate, I am very happy there's a new Doctor to carry on the torch! I have heard many lovely things about him.
I haven't watched any of the new series, What tiny bit I saw of Ecclestons series doesn't count. Didn't like him at all, (liked the girl though)so I just stopped watching. I suppose I've just lost touch with television in general. I'm a mostly 'classic series' Doctor Who person (with the exception of the TV film)
I also wrote bad fic as a kid blushes but I thank the Gods none of it still exists. The oldest thing I still have is from '96 or '97 and is a really bad Ace meets Eight story. I'm almost tempted to dig it out and re-write it...