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Does anybody think it's fair that every other kind of fan fiction on this site has to stand in the shadows of MCR fan fictions?
MCR stories get commented and rated like crazy on this site and the stories are regurgitated bull shit. Eacch story has the same storyline and people still read them. In my opinion it's not fair to writers like me. Complain and bitch about it if you must, MCR fans it doesn't mean a single thing.
No I don't think it's fair.
I have a 30STM fanfic up and whenever I update it's usually the only one that's non-MCR related. I get a little thrill whenever I see the 30STM category under my story because, of course, I'm one out of 104 stories while there are thousands of MCR stories to read. I have a sequel to my fanfic coming up as well as some original work and it just isn't fair that MCR has almost as many stories as original work. :/
I find it interesting that for all the MCR postings are prolific, they are more often than not, extremely lacking in content.

As a simple comparison, in the first 3 pages of MCR fics, there are 9 fics below 2k words, 24 below 20k and 11 between 20 and 100k words. With VERY few exceptions, they have chapters averaging less than a thousand words.

The next noisiest fanbase, Harry Potter, also has 9 fics below 2k, 21 below 20k words, 9 between 20k and 100k words and 5 over 100k words. Of those above 100k words, 3 are longer than War and Peace including one fic at THREE TIMES the length of War and Peace. The vast majority of these fics had chapter lengths of at least 2000 words.

That being said, Need more Ranma fics :D
i had no idea this was like this xD
i guess just many people on here love MCR and all they want to read is something about MCR. im sorry not many people are interested in other types of fanfitions. i know it must feel horrible but i suggest maybe find another website id this is bothering you so much. i know i would
the trouble there, KeepItUgly34, is that at the moment I am on other sites too. Namely Fanficauthors.net, fanfiction.net and portkey.org

I was also a regular at RestrictedSection.org until they shut down.

When it comes down to it, there aren't many big sites left to go to to read fanfics these days, or if there are, I don't know about them.
longreachjones, I was on fanfiction.net, but they stopped hsving a section for Bands/Music, etc. So I guess they came here. I wanted to post my fanfic on a site where they had a section just for Bands (or whatever you want to call them) and I had to resort to Google and Facebook to find a site, where I happened across here. I love writing (or "rotting", as my Mythology teacher said I liked to do in class on Tuesday xD) so I update as frequently as I can. I even have two chapters ready but I can't update yet because of family emergencies. Dx
Well its like this on every site. For example I love this site called Fanfiction. net even though I like writing Harry Potter fanfiction, it had too many stories so that section overpowered everything else. Its insane
cookie's right
I was going to join fanfiction.net but they don't have a section for bands. If anyone knows another site then PLEASE inform me. All this MCR is making me sick.
fanfiction.net was good until they dumped bands
We can make one. But then MCR would flow over to there. :/ I'm tired of all the MCR and such & I want a section for David Cook. But I can't add it. :(
its tolal bullshit I have original work up with "0" views and new MCR crap has over 20 views in the first 20 min of it being posted what you guys wana do -I'm a techie with some C++ skill and I have techie friend how luv to hack we could take down the MCR stuf evil grin ........
............ no I wouldn't do that I'm already looking at 5 mouths for hacking cryms