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Greetings, &c.
I have been an member here sometime, but for some reason or other - I'm not entirely sure what, whether it was because I was too lazy or because for some reason the site was refusing to recognise my account's existence (that may've been somewhere else, I am not sure) - until five minutes ago I had yet post any stories or - as far as I can remember - make any posting in this forum. An introduction, therefore, seems in order. See my profile whatsit. It won't tell you anything of interest, and it's slightly out-of-date by now, but what the heck.

I'm attempting to think of a suitable way to close this post, but I can't, so I think I'll just stop to avoid any further drivel.
Most excellent, Sam. In what genre do you write?
That is a complicated question. Vaguely fantasy sort of thing - the one story I have up so far I've classified as 'humour', but it's not the sort of thing that'll be funny to everyone and certainly isn't entirely written to cause laughter and merriment and so on. I also do Harry Potter fanfiction.