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How to get a review
I have read and given my opinion on a few stories. I have not finshed all the books I have started but I will get to it in time.

A guaranted way to get a review from me is to leave a review on my stuff. I wont get any better at writting if I don't get any feed back.

It dosent have be positive if you hate it let me know. Dont worry about reprisials. I will not ever, leave a bad review because I was upset. Infact I am never that negative when I do review. Unless of course it is requested by the author that I pick it apart.
"It's a somewhat obscure little science fiction series about a bottlenose dolphin who travels through time and fights space aliens."

One of the girls I used to babysit for had the computer game! Wow!

Ha! Small world, Ithilwen. :)

Also, Armourdude, thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the story okay, and creating a sort of cetacean myth was certainly what I was going for.

However... taking a jab at someone's fandom isn't exactly the most endearing or helpful way to open a review. Just saying.
Reviewing Stories
I am starting to get the feeling about my reviews. It seems as if I cant say the story was wonderfull and perfect people dont want to here about it.

When I write I hope to get a responce be it negative or positive. Even though I only write fiction my goal is to create a responce of any kind. Of course I would prefer a positive result, but when it come right down to it I really want is my stuff to be read.
Like I stated before I wont get any better at writting if I am not told what is good or bad about what I wrote.
There's a difference from saying someone needs to work on, say, grammar, than saying that writing about a certain fandom is silly.
What Neptune said.

I try to appreciate every review I get, including and even especially the critical ones. Telling me a story gets a bit preachy or that I need to work on my descriptions is helpful; "Rating a story about video game dolphins seems silly" isn't helpful, it's just rude. Consider it a critique of your critiquing skills.
To begin with it "Seemed Silly" at which point I would normally stop. But becuase the depth of the culture creation I continued until I read all of it. Then realized it was A better story then what I assumed it would be. Does that make more sence? Sorry I was not clear on that.

Now To be clear on something else I was refering to reviews I have left for other people.
In armourdude's defense, I thought most cartoon fanfics were a silly idea; not the fics themselves, as some are extrememly well writtne. It was just the idea of writing about Sailor Moon, or Space Ghost. However, one day out of the blue, it occured to me that writing any fanfic was just as silly, to the outsider. And, cartoons are no sillier than book-based fanfic, which is where my stories lie. Or, even my original stories. All three are either fantasy or science-fiction based. (As my SO says, why not write about something real. Well, RL does not interest me. F& S-F are an escape.)

And, after his remark, which I did not find insulting, he did leave a nice review. (Yes, I went and read it.) He could have stopped with his first comment.
Have gotten some good advice
Thanks Rous for the advice on the formatting problem.

I went and fixed that for that chapter. I will now have to go and fix the others I have posted too. I will give your work a read here soon too. Thanks!
Um, probably not a good idea. I do not write in anime fandoms. Mine is usually pretty boring, if you are looking for action or excitement. I write on a different tack. But, I will check yours out as soon as I get the chance.