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Error message when adding a story to favorites.
I just added a couple of stories to my favorites, and both times, I got an error. I didn't save the first error message, but here's the text of the second:

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/.unity/sunkem/ficwad.com/viewuser.php on line 142

Also, the page with the message at the top appeared to be a blank profile. Both stories made it into my favorites list, but I thought I should give a heads-up.

I'm using Internet Explorer with Windows XP, if that information helps.
Hm. I've tried a few things, and I can't duplicate it... does it still happen when you try to add stories to your favorites, or was it just those two?
Yes, it's still happening. The error message doesn't come up when I remove stories or when I fave and unfave authors, though.

Also, I tried adding a random story from the anime section, since the two I had added previously and the third I experimented with were all from the 'Games' section, and I got the same error. Just in case that helps any.