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The rating's gone up, but the word is still there.

The above multi-chapter story has since (in the past several days) been rated up twice for "Funny," but its total rating is listed as "Boring +1." Isn't the word supposed to reflect the most recent rating?

This is the same story to which I referred in this post a few days after I joined ficwad. I think that might have something to do with it.


I could delete and start over, I guess, but I've gotten a few rather useful reviews since then and I don't want to Houdini them.
I see only unrated and funny+1 stories. Did you do anything?
Cripes. I take that back. I see the Boring +1.
Yes. I detailed it in the second link.

A few days after I posted the story, it was rated Boring -1. To see what would happen, I deleted just the affected chapter. The numerical rating went to 0, but the word "Boring" remained. I reported the glitch -- and potential for cheating -- to the admins, and you can read Kemayo's response through the second link above.

If the "Boring" is stuck there forever, cool. It might be interesting to have the only Boring +5 out there, but if it's fixable, that's peachy.
I think I see what's going on. It might not be the result of my messing with things as an innocent newb.

I justed rated up the second chapter of a two-chapter 'fic whose first chapter was rated "Mary Sue." The number went to zero, but the words "Mary Sue" remained -- the rating from the first chapter. I think there's some kind of chapter primacy going on. It was the first chapter of my story that got rated boring. (That's not likely to change. In all fairness, the first chapter was a little boring.)
This place is still improving. They just need to twiddle with the bugs.