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stories not showing up at all
how come evertime i want to read a story from the anime area not all or sometimes none of the stories show up, like in naruto, it supposenly has 175 stories but only one shows up to read and no more and when i go to the cyborg 009 section where i have my own story posted on their, none of the stories are shown even though 2 are supposed to be there and i've noticed that it's not only my computer, i tried it on others
Lemme check something for ya...


With Cyborg 009, both stories show up for me.

Naruto has eleven pages of stories at filter zero and twelve at filter negative one.

I don't know what's going on with your 'puter but it's not a filter problem. Does it say "All Characters, All Characters, All Ratings, All Genre" etc at the top of your screen? Maybe someone hit G-ratings only by accident.
Well, if you have your filter up to five, there's one visible Naruto fic and no visible Cyborg 009 fics. Do you have your filter up to 5?
that must be it thanks =^.^=