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The Name's Paradise and I was wondering if people could do reviews on my story final fantasy 7 : new world it would really help become a better writer for my story and also Hi!
Final Fantasy VII, you say... Tell me more.
We I mix it up with my stories with there story a little bit
Summmary:Two worlds collide ( human / fantasy) come together when a young girl who comes from the human world to the fantasy world which is filled with magic and action, she must find out why was she sent her by her crystal her mother gave her sent her here. She teams with Cloud and the gang in order to help them save their world, and learn of her past secret past about her crystal and her hidden life and falls in love with Cloud which is a forbidden love. This this the first book in the saga of " Final Fantasy" : Lost Angel.
It one of my first volumes of my story
Hoo boy. For all I know at this point, your story is a masterpiece, but that description you gave me set off my Suedar like anything.
Meep. Yeah. Sue is a stepping stone for many writers, mind you, and many start out writing Sues, so I don't want to be discouraging! However, it's actually quite a challenge to write an original Love Interest for the main character in fanfiction without following certain stereotypes that fanfic readers have seen too many times already.

This page is a bit long, but you might skim it to get some ideas about things to to watch out for:

I remember that quiz. A character I used to write when I was fifteen or so got rated borderline.