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If you like yaoi, the two great manga classics of the genre are Gravitation and FAKE. Gravitation is not only the funniest manga that I've ever read, it's the best manga of any type or genre that I've ever read. Both of these are very highly recommended, but they're not intended for kids, and I'm not even certain they're that suitable for teenagers, although they're marketed that way. You would really only understand all the emotional complexities inside them if you were over 18.
A couple other manga, MARS and Akira, are also quite unusual. MARS is a high school M/F romance, but it's really extremely well done, and I'm a very, very, picky reader. It's supposed to be the most popular M/F romance in Japan, and after reading it, I can see why. It really does deserves its popularity.

Akira is the noted science fiction post-apocolypse classic, and each of the several manga volumes is a huge slab of pure epic-length cyperpunk destruction. It's required reading for all science fiction lovers.
My faves...
I am also a big fruits basket and Inuyasha fan. So some other stuff u might want to read is Meru Puri, Full Metal Alchemist, Boys over Flowers, Kare Kano, Absolute Boyfriend and Ranma 1/2
Scrapped Princess was awesome, and "Good Witch of the West" is turning out to be similar in many ways.

Excel Saga... I have mixed feelings about. I liked the first episode and the last three, but the rest I can only watch snippets of. (Yet it's not the randomness, otherwise I would totally hate Azumanga Daioh, which I don't ^_^).

Having said that, Excel Saga almost inspired me to vandalise a lot of posters during our last elections. We were going to change some of them to:


But it's probably illegal to do that, so we didn't. It's a shame really, I'm convinced he would have won too.
1. Fullmetal Alchemist
2. Samurai Champloo
3. Cowboy Bebop
4. Eureka 7
5. Naruto
I am positively amazed that no one has mentioned Shin Sheiki Evangelion/Neon Genesis Evangelion. While the ending is a bit... bizarre... It's an excellent SF/Fantasy entry into the giant robot genre with a strong philosophical bent. It is based heavily in Christian mythology and chronicles a young boy chosen to pilot a biomechanical "Eva" and protect Tokyo-3 from monsters called angels. The show is somewaht sexualized, though.

Another sweet show that doesn't seem to have been mentioned is FLCL (Fu-ri-ku-ri). It's very vulgar and makes little sense, but involves aliens, pop culture references, and complete surrealism. Very fun.

I also liked s-CRY-ed, which makes a bit more sense, but not much. s-CRY-ed involves "alter users" who are able to manipulate matter and energy in certain set ways. Native alters battle against the government ones. The story centers around the conflict between two alter-users named Kazuma and Ryuho (which makes this series great if you like male/male subtext with no overt sexuality) and a young girl named Kanami.

Another favorite of mine is Boogiepop Phantom. I don't pretend to understand it, but it involves a girl named Toka who appears to have dissociative personaltiy disorder, and sometimes becomes the strange superhero Boogiepop. There are mutants, experiments, freaky powers, and lots of teen angst and gore. It's hard to understand but very fun.

that's four, although I must say that FMA and Ghsot in the Shell, all mentioned by other posters, rank bove some of them. But what's another anime I've seen? Hmm. If you like oldies, and kids shows, Check out Digimon Adventure 01/02. It changed my life. Somethign about kids getting sucked into the digital world and, along with their digimon partners, saving this world and the digital one from evil monsters. It sounds very trite but it's got a deep underlying plot dealing with the nature of the human heart.

And bonus... check out Big O. DOROTHY FOR THE WIN!
i like FLCL ( fooly cooly ) s-CRY-ed digimon for anime and manga read naruto petshop of horrors fma is a good watch and read TRIGUN ROCKS and eureka 7