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New Denizen!
Hi all

Thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I've wandered over here from Adultfanfiction.net (which I have no idea when will be available again!).

I hail from Australia and have been writing both fiction and non-fiction for over 25 years.

My current fandom is Gatchaman / Battle of the Planets (hell, I've been part of the Battle of the Planets fandom for about 28 years now!) and I'm eaglerly awaiting to see if my request to add those two shows into the Anime/Manga category is allowd (I have about 15 stories to publish!).

I'm also a Good Omens fan (not written anything there yet) and a Remus/Sirius shipper from the Harry Potter series (books and movies) - although I've rather gone off Harry Potter (but not the puppies).

Yes - I do write some slash (Remus/Sirius and Ken/Joe normally) and a lot of het. Usually, my stories are between a R and an NC-17 rating when I do include sex - but I've also written quite a few at lower levels as well.

My current passion is a Battle of the Planets major story arc that I'm looking forward to posting and sharing with you all

Oh - for a living I'm a secretary and I;m also a member of the SCA and research historical embroidery. I'm the Embroidery Host at bellaonline.com - so I get to combine all my hobbies!

Hail and well met, milady! I'm the sad little voice who put up the link to ficwad.

After years of lurking and reading on AFF, I have gotten a horrid attack of writing FFX erotica and came here after waiting a month and a half sitting on my silly nest of lemons. I don't get out of that and LOTR very much, partly because I have yet to read all the Pottery (blasphemy!). From what little I know from the films -- I am well aware of the pitfalls of screen adaptation -- Remus/Sirius do seem rather sweet.

I may or may not be in your kingdom; I can't remember whether Oz is still affiliated with your old friends Across the Water, or whether you have chosen to join the brave gentles of Lochac. I can't sew and stick to late Roman, since I study classics in Mundania. However, I can recite Homer at length, so if you ever see a frumpy lass in a chiton carrying a lyre on her back, run.
OZ was orignally the Principality of Lochac, and when we became a Kingdom, New Zealand joined us.

However, I do still have friends in many other kingdoms, and am glad to add you to the list! (especially since you lead me here!)