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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Wow, I really can't wait for it to come out. I wish it would actually come out at the cinema, though. Well, I have not much longer to wait now! That also means I can see Last Order if I get it on DVD.
Who else here is looking forward to it coming out, and who has already watched it?
Meh Sempaii offered to loan me her dubbed copy, but I turned her down; I'm waiting for it to come out in English.
Only 19 more days in Florida . . . it seems so long.
Sorry, I just want to know. Really.
I'll have to wait...'Tis a real shame it didn't come out at the cinema like I said. ;_;
Well, if anyone already has it, is it good?
I'd love to more about the basic story.
cloud, shuyin ,and tidus
OMG has any body evernoticed that suyin looks just like cloud? and tidus looks like themm but younger and more sensitive?
SHUyin-- there's an 'h' there-- looks almost nothing like Cloud. The key thing in FFX-2 was for him to greatly resemble Tidus.
Yeah, CFH is right.
I've seen now!
Loz is a moron. "You meanie!"