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Favorite FFX fics
I lurk mostly in one category, so here's my favorites (heavily colored by my own weird biases):

Good News by fyre byrd, the story of Lulu's first pilgrimage:

Perspective by pyrefly, a yummy PWP starring the hottest characters in FFX (your mileage may vary):

Love Falls Asleep by cupcakegirl:
This one hurts my head but is very well written. It's an AU, a gumshoe detective story with the mafia. More smut, though that's only a part of it.
This is a dreamily-written piece that appears to be merely beautiful, but the ending proves that fanfic can be original. A unique perspective on a character that every FF fan knows:
I've found this author writing several brief, sweet, vivid, insightful, and true drabbles and short sketches in FFX, FF8, and Kingdom Hearts.

The Undercurrents piece is particularly good, IMO.
Oh, another drabble expert. Ourdailymask has been posting some quality pieces on LJ, and she just posted two good ones on ficwad -- one tiny wrenching sketch of Yuna, another slightly longer ficlet on Auron watching over Tidus as a child.

Oh my GOSH.

Cupcakegirl is always, always a consummate writer, but if you have not read anything else of hers, at least read the third chapter of this three-oneshot story on Wakka and Rikku colliding in their buttheaded fashion.

"Yevonite to Al Bhed"
What about X-2 fics, because I have quite a few suggestions for those, and do they have to be on Ficwad? Because some are only on FF.net.
Sorry, I've been taking some time off and been laid out with a sinus infection, so I've missed this thread for a while.

If you're still here, go for it!

I was just going to rec ficwad fic here, because there's just so much out there, but if you know of any particularly good stories out there, be my guest. t recommend it to anybody. ;)
Have I never recommended the author with the ironic name of "storyless"?

I first discovered her wrting here on ficwad, I think. Since then we have struck up a lively acquaintance over a mutual fandom, and co-moderate an LJ community devoted to it. However, the whole reason that happened is because she is an insightful and eloquent writer whose felicitous word choices I can only dream about.

One of her best new pieces isn't up on ficwad yet, "Ligaments," although I hope it will be soon. In the meantime... if you love Final Fantasy in any way shape or form, check out some of her writing.