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inuyasha and fruits basket fans
hey! i just wanted to tell the world that i love fruits basket and inuyasha. i'm posting a inuyasha story right now. read it if you want and it's best if you start form chapter one. give me any reviews to make it better or just say if you like it or not.
hey there, i love inuyasha and fruits basket as well! I really want to post a story, but at the moment i am in the middle of an idea drought. I'll read your story and review it tho wen i see it go up.
thanks! i'm trying to update it everyday, except for the weekends. so yeah. i always am in school.
Hey! my story is amazing, though no one is reviewed...here at least.
I'm pretty sure that Niamh writes for both those fandoms too.
i think ithliwen knows everyone here :P

i love fruit baskets (even though i dont own any and i read them at barnes and nobles and sometimes get confuse) as for inuyasha i read cause my friend introduce me the series, and then i would watch the show late at night :P i can't wait to read ur story!
Nonsense. I don't know everyone here. I beta for Niamh occasionally and convinced her to post her fics here.