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And I didn't even like the movie!

Underworld fic - snappy dialog, good development of barely-there canon characters and an interesting plot that winds around and adds depth to what the movie showed us.
Aw, Nightie, you're going to make me blush.

But come on. The second movie was pretty awful, but the first one rocked on many a level (those being the levels of plot, character development and an original take on an admittedly stupid premise).
I guess it just seemed too much like the World of Darkness games to seem original to me, and it sped along so quick there was no time to develop much sympathy for the characters. I will give it points for production design (cinematography, werewolf FX and so on).
But I thought that World of Darkness vampires were of the spiritual sort, sans-reflection and at least part of the soul and all that and that their werewolves were purity-loving, epic-retelling tac nukes for Nature.