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Yet More Final Fantasy
Aha. Okay, I use this thread too much.

I have finally broken out of my erotica rut (okay, I was writing some general fic before, but there were a fair number of 'ship stories) and labored for a while on something completely different.

Lulu's Journal: Memoirs of a Guardian
(illustrated version: http://www.geocities.com/auronlu/guardian/ )

This story brings to life little-known details of the backstory of FFX through Lulu's eyes: her first pilgrimage with Ginnem, her second with Zuke and Wakka, Yuna's Summoner training, and Chappu's short-lived career as a Crusader.
Allrighty. I think I've only got a few reads, not one reviews, only one rating. But my fic is called "Five Minute Soap"

The plan-each week I put up a new chapter, which is about five minutes from the lives of the characters. You learn about them, find out about their lives, just in time for it to turn into a romantic comedy. Here it is

Who can pass up free publicity?

New Crystals, Old Dreams (Labyrinth fic):

What happens when Sarah has lost all memory of the Labyrinth & all of its inhabitants? More importantly, what happens when shes forced to remember? Will Jareth be forgiving or will it be the bog for Sarah?


Pure Blood (Harry Potter fic):

Can you love someone drawn to the Darkness when you're trying to cling to the Light? Val meets Draco Malfoy and discovers her true feelings...and her true self.


Hope you enjoy!

Who Indeed?

Right, this fic took me about 2 weeks, and although it's not that good, it's my first attempt at a fantasy fix, so be nice.

(If you're an avid book reader, you might notice some slight similarites to Eragon)

I uploaded a whole bunch of stuff recently, would love to see it get more ratings/reads. ^^
One of my Inuyasha stories just reached an Insightful rating of 5! My first 5 ever! YAY! I want people to read it now... I'm so excited. And maybe then they'll check out my other stories, hopefully.

Anyway, the story is called "Why He Hates". Please check it out; and if you like it maybe you'll look over my other stories and R&R.

Thanks to everyone who checks them out and leaves some form of input!! :D

New chapter of 2010 is up, it's probably the final one, because that took quite a while that I could have devoted to homework.

Anyway, some of you weren't impressed with my first RE fic, well there's a new, unrelated one coming your way, it's a Resident Evil/Silent Hill one.Also, the 2nd chapter of 'The Five Gems' should be up pretty soon, maybe in about... a week?
This was one of the first stories I posted over here. I wonder if people will still find it humorous:

Cats and Robbers
I've been holding off until I had something really good to offer to post in this thread, so.. here it is. Some awesome. Two pieces, to be exact. Note that neither of them is quite tame; the first is a little racy and the second contains gratuitious violence, as it is about an execution and an assasination.


"Between Us." A Power Rangers: Mystic Force story based on a few episodes... only you don't really need to know much about the episodes except that they were best friends she got turned into a vampire and then he almost lost his soul (both canonical =D). But both such events would never really go away, so Chip wonders about what would have happened if he hadn't saved Vida.

"High Contrast" is not for the faint of heart. It relies heavily on the first two Pokemon movies and the Mewtwo returns special, and is written in a very experimental style, but I'm proud of how it turned out. The end of the story also features some humorous, even joking banter regarding the basis of my username--the idea that Ash Ketchum is a christlike figure in the Pokemon universe. I also think that I successfully captured the essence of the happy Pokemon ending while using gratutious violence.
Feedback would greatly be appreciated: hehe, ah shucks, who am I kidding... it's just as the title goes: SHAMELESS self-promotion. Proceed with caution!! =D

A little chicken soup for the soul: a tiny bit of angst never hurt anyone:

And a little bit of love never hurt anyone either: "Immortal at Twilight":

Hope you like,

-Mistress of Eternity