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I'll add my two cents, I guess.
I have one story so far on this site, called The Outcast. It's fantasy, really emotional and angsty with lots of action. On a different site, I've recieved a lot of good feedback. I'm posting the story here, complete with revisions. It's posted on another site in its entirety, but I'm adding lots more to it as I post here.

Next chapter of 2010.

Well, this is it, the next chapter I write will be the final one, and I hope you've all enjoyed reading the stories as much as I have writing them.

After this i'm gonna set my sights on finishing The Spartan Troopers.
Silent Hill fanfic
I actually just recently set up a Silent Hill centric fanfic archive over on http://shfanfic.splurd.com

But anyway, I write mostly X-Men, Sailormoon and have been puttering around with a Bleach/Devil Hunter round robin crossover/rpg/fanfic. http://hollow_fic.livejournal.com

My ficwad is http://www.ficwad.com/viewuser.php?uid=234 and my FFN is http://fanfiction.net/~anarchicq
Oi, lads Coumputer's down so I won't be on at all. PS3 FTW.Last chapter of 2010 will be up when it's fixed.

Final chapter of 2010. It's a lot more wordy than the previous ones, so you may want to make sure you have about 15-20 minutes before you read it.

And that's the end of that series.

PS The title is in Latin to add to the drama.

New Spartan Troopers

Now for a new chapter of The Five Gems
Um...I guess I'll try! My Chemical Romance series









This is just a series that I’ve been working on lately…It’s not your typical My Chemical Romance fic…so please read! Only if you want. Start at the top of the list because that’s the first on, please. You CANNOT read them out of order or it will not make sense!!! Seriously!

So ya, thank you!
I have a battle royale fanfic, please rate, thanks.
*Clears her thoart*
You guys would really help me out if you read my Fullmetal Alchemist fic, Anaconda.

Summary: A sexual study on the relationships from a college student's eyes while she obsereves the others with their loves for a soild year. This has a heavy lemon taste and some supernatural tang to it. Pairings will vary. Oh, and there is some yaoi and yuri here as well. Crossover with my original series, Dark Side of the Moon. Originals characters are in here as well. I don't own FMA. PLEASE GIVE ME GOOD RATINGS AND REVIEWS!!!

Here is the address: http://www.ficwad.com/viewstory.php?sid=49977
Well everything will do thanks, but that would be too greedy.

I'll make do with one - X Infinity.


There were infinite combinations of personalities and characteristics, but only a selected few crossed our lives. Before my return to the frontlines, I had this one question – who was I destined to meet on this particular journey?

Promoting is actually a big part of everyone's career, even those that we once never saw are now having to come out and promote. Singers don't only sing and writer's don't only write.