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Hello to all
Hello to anyone who comes across this. I am new to this site and came over because ff.net has changed incredibly over the past four years and it hurt to see a good site spiral down. This site seems simple enough to navigate and I hope that I'll have better luck here than on ff.net, animespiral, or deviantArt.
Animespiral... I uploaded one of my 'fics there just so that it would be harder for people to plagiarize me.
Yep, many of us are here after giving up on FF.net. I crosspost on a few sites, and had originally intended for AFF to be my "primary" place where I post things first. However, ficwad has proved to be much better for reader feedback, even if one gets fewer hits, and I'm very glad to call it my first home for fic now. :)

Good luck, and welcome.
Thank you. My fandom is pretty obscure so I'm not worrying about getting no reviews. I posted up one story on Animespiral -Inu-Yasha- but no one reviewed it. It's funny -not really, I guess, since this seems to be normal- but ff.net doesn't have the catagory for my fics.
Is there anything important I should know about ficwad, or just a few frivilous details that are nice to know?