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It is I! Some one?
Hey hi there! I'm Jelly_Belly. I'm new here. I've posted two stories already. One is original and in Fantasy "The Summoner". I've won a book contest for the first three chapters. So I think it is pretty good. The other is in the House fanfics. I love House alot.
Hello there!
I'm Freya_Crescent_II, commonly known as FCII or Freya, and resident forum lurker and person-who-can-do-Auron-from-FFX's-voice. Hee! Oh yes, I'm also the co-creator/moderator of the RP thread.
Well, anyways, nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy it here ^^
Hello there! I'm Helluin, commonly known as AuronLu because I have a strange fascination with Auron and Lulu.

My small and petty goal on ficwad is to lure together all the fans and writers of this obscure pair of characters and share stories and reviews back and forth. Luckily, small and petty goals are easier to achieve, so that explains the recent flurry of activity in the FFX forum.