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The number of registered authors is over twice that of the number of stories. And given that most authors I know of have more than one story posted, that means that there are about three times as many people registered here without writing stories than there are actual authors.

But where are they? Are they reviewing in the sections I never visit? Because they certainly aren't here in the forums...

I think they're here to read the NC-17 stuff, or else they are authors planning to start posting stories who haven't gotten around to it yet. I know AFF has about fifty thousand accounts and around fifty thousand stories, so the ratio is nearly equal there. Some people might have registered to post stories, but are having second thoughts about being rated.
I've wondered about this as well. I guess a lot of people register just to read, review and rate. I rarely see anonymous (meaning unregistered) reviews on Ficwad, which is odd.
I think it ought to read "members," not "authors." I don't think they're all here just to unlock the NC-17 bracket, but it wouldn't suprise me if some of them were. I think that it's more of a "record my ratings and favorites" sort of thing.
Michelle: Yes, but if they were here to review and rate, you'd expect to see some evidence of that. Most sections I visit (which, admittedly, mostly aren't the apparently busy anime/manga ones) don't have all that many reviews on stories. Most do have a little more rated stories than my two fandoms, though.

The one review I got here is by an unregistered user, and nobody's rated any of my stories yet.

Another option would be that they are here to unlock that particular bracket, yes, or the -1 rated stories, even. Although why... to each his own, I suppose.

I would gather that some are registered, but simply waiting for their category to go up as they have no place to post as of yet.