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new category turn-around time?
What kind of delay should we expect in getting a new category these days? I.e., when should I start worrying that my request has gone astray in the system somewhere? It's been at least a week since I requested a category for Digital Devil Saga, and as of this morning, still no sign of it.
I'm afraid I've have the same problem, and it's been months.
Sorry. ;_;

"I'll" kept getting put off, because of naming questions. (It seems to be referred to by any of 5 or so different combinations of parts of its name...)

Generally, if we've not added a category for some time, it's because there's either uncertainty about what it should be called, or whether it deserves its own category.

For instance: currently in the queue are suggestions for Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx. Research is required to tell whether it's distinct enough from basic Yu-Gi-Oh that it needs its own category.

(Also, World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts II, and Bleach own my soul. They get jealous when I try to add categories.)
Yeah, I'll can be a bit complicated. The manga is titled just I'll in japanese, but I'll Generation Basket in french, and the OVA is titled I'll/CKBC...

But thank you for the effort! Now I just have to take the time to upload all the I'll stuff I have lying around...