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Sig pictures / Avatars
Any thoughts about letting you add a picture or avatar to your profile? Skyehawke has this feature but you only get to choose between a bunch of lame cartoon characters. As long as there's a file size limit and requirement its hosted offsite, like on photobucket.com, it shouldn't eat up too much bandwidth I assume.
Two sites I belong to allow this feature. And, you can load them from photobucket if they are cropped to exactly 100x100 pixels. Another site allows you to upload from your computer to their site into a mass file, then you just pick out what you want. Again, 100x100 seems to be the norm, for this.

I think it depends on the programming. And, as this site is newer, it may be that they have just had too much to do to consider this option. Give it time. It will probably be down the road.