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Pinning Forums to a Fandom Page
When Ficwad grows to be large enough, I can see it's going to become difficult to find forums geared to your specific fandom. It would be useful to have fandom-specific forums pinned to the top of those particular fandom story pages, such as a Lord of The Rings forum at the top of the LOTR story page. I know a lot of people who would love to have fandom-specific discussions, but they need an easy place to find those particular forum(s).

Also, having a pull-down menu for various fandoms and/or topics on the forum page would work well.
Hm. Fandom forums change the dynamic of a fiction archive so much. They can be good, and yet the more people discuss, the more chances there are for friction, argument, and psychodrama.

Forums take a bit more hands-on monitoring and day-to-day TLC to make sure they thrive and are healthy, positive environments. Archives don't require much maintenance.

Ficwad's doing fairly well as an archive, but I'm not sure it's got the staff to handle active fan forums too. I don't see that as a problem, just a choice of focus: it's primarily a place to read and write fanfic, not a place to socialize and geek.

(Sez someone who until very recently put in 3-10 hours a day moderating at http://www.lotrplaza.com ... my perspective may be a little skewed because that place has a TON of activities that need daily tending)