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The hills have eyes fic
The Hills Have Eyes: Before the Carters.
Authors Note/Blurb: Okay. I loved the movie THHE. I love reading the fanfiction, but I also thought I should write some. So here it is. This takes place before the Carters, hence the title. What I decided to do is since the movie took place in 2006. Why not have my family come into the movie before the Carters, and SORT OF know what’s going on. It’s not going to be where they know every exact word or movie the mutants/ others do. That’d wouldn’t be as fun I guess. So I own anyone you don’t recognize from the movie.
Chapter one: Another one...
Our trip started off very quickly, we got up real early to leave, and to pick up my friend, Crystal. We must have been two an a half hours into our trip, when it seemed like we were barley moving. That’s probably because my mother took the wheel, so her boyfriend, like my real dad could rest a while. As I looked out the window I started to get sick, all of these stupid lines on the road. You know that white line, that just goes on forever. Yeah, well I was looking at that. I looked at Crystal who was petting her dog, Anubis. Anubis is what Crystal loved most in the world; she had to bring him everywhere, or at least tried. When we we’re younger she tried to bring him to school, yeah didn’t work out to good. That’s because he’d only listen to two people; Crystal, and I.

Crystal and I were different from most of the other girls you’d see in our town, hell probably our state. Crystal is about five foot six. She had shoulder length dark brown-blackish hair that she almost always wore up in a ponytail. She was a punk girl. She had an obsession with skulls, black, just dark stuff in general. She always wore her make-up thick. Which personally, didn’t bug me, or my family but other people got creped out. She was plain weird; she lived in her own little world. In her world everything is either black or blood red. But hey, when you get to know her she awesome. She’s like a sister to me, I have a brother, but to me I consider him dead. As well as my father. My parents got divorced three years ago on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, huh?

Me. I used to be into rap or R&B. But Crystal kind of guided me out of that type of music, and into any/all kinds of rock music. Which personally I find a lot better. There are the occasional rap songs, which we both like. But for the most part, not really. Not that there’s any thing wrong about that. Because most of our friends, are into both rock and rap music. Let’s see here I am 16 years old, same as Crystal she’s a month older then me. I am shorter compared to her, I’m only five foot three. Yes I know I’m short. I hate it. I didn’t dress exactly like Crystal, but sort of. I always made sure to wear some black clothes; you see Crystal always has some black on her. So I feel like I have to wear some to, don’t ask I know it sounds weird. I was wearing a black tee shirt that had white text that read; “Run while you still can.” This was one of my favorite shirts. Then I had on plain black shorts, and of course my ‘the Finalist’ wrist band on my right arm. On my left arm I had a black wristband with a reddish-orangish flame on it. My shoulder length light brown hair was in a messed up bun. I had to always wear my hair up, on in a hat. It could be 100 degrees outside, and I would still wear a t-shirt. I leaned against the car, placing my head on my black HIM sweater.

After a half an hour of that awkward silence, we stopped at an Applebee’s to get some lunch. We did the car delivery thing, so we could give some to our dogs. Crystal and I sat on the curb, and started feeding some of our fries to her Rottweiler. Anubis was running around our green van. In the back of the van, or I should say connected to the van was a trailer. The trailer held most of our food, and belongings. It also held my mom’s good friend, Dasha. Dasha is a twenty-three year old Russian woman who looks up to my mother, as her own mother too. And her Husband Chris. Christ is the quiet type of guy, who always doing his work, you know on the cell phone all the time. And our course their daughter Anastia. “I’ll be right back Crystal. Gotta grab Xavier, and Anastia.” She nodded her head.

Xavier is my Doberman, I loved him so much, I have had him only for about six months. He’s a little over a year old, as well as Anubis. Xavier would do the same as Anubis; only listen to me, and Crystal. My mother has this rule where our dogs, can’t come within ten feet of her. She is deathly afraid of Dobermans’ and Rottweilers’. As I carried Anastia to the curb, Xavier started to bark. He loved playing with Anastia. Well actually he loved to lay by her. Both him and Anubis were good boys, and always protected her, or either of us.

Anastia is just the cutest thing in the world, well to me. Usually I don’t mind little kids. But she, I dunno. I love her, like family. Because she basically is. She was about a year an a half now. Give or take a month. She had some little curly dark brown hair; her dark brown eyes were full of love. She was eating some fries, and then threw them for the dog to eat. “Anastia. Where’s your mommy?” Crystal asked. She always knew where Dasha, her mom was. But could never figure out where Chris was. She pointed straight ahead to her mom.

Dasha was a thin, twenty-three year old Russian woman. She was teaching her daughter how to talk, in both English, and Russian. For now she focused more on English. Dasha had long, straight dark hair. She was putting it up in a ponytail, and walked over to us. “Jessie you stole my baby.” She laughed. I’d always take her daughter when she least excepted it. Both of them always got a kick out of it.

”Yeah. Sorry. Here you go.” I stood up, to hand Dasha, her baby. “Dasha. You wanna talk to the parents in the van, can we hang in the trailer. We are so sick of hearing them.”

Dasha laughed a little then smiled. ‘Yeah go ahead. It’s fine by me. I’ll ask Chris if he’s done with the laptop, that way you guys would have something to do.”

”Okay. Thanks.” Crystal commented, before I had a chance to. Dasha walked away with Anastia, and went in the trailer to find Chris.