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teen titans fic need reviews please and thank u!
i wrote a teen titan fic and thought some reviews should go her the story is strfires love so just post em here and to me thanks and bye!
Uh, this whole board is for talking about stuff not related to our fics. Try putting your request in the "Shameless Self-Promotion" thread under Fic Recs.
Actually, if your'e seeking ADVICE this should go in Writing Tips. If you just want reviews then one, go to Fic Recs, two, post it in Shameless Self-Promotion, and three, don't expect to get replies in-thread. And four, if you want people to review your work, you might consider writing in complete sentences and using the shift key. Otherwise, you're only going to get "this sux!" reviews and rated down, and I don't think you want that (or else you wouldn't be posting this here).
ooh sorry
didnt know how the site worked im new. so back off its general discussion which can be ANYTHING
Hey, I'm just trying to help. If you want to be perceived as a troll, be my guest.
calling people trolls and scathing them dosent help!