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Small and obscure fandoms, hurrah!
So... what are your smallest and most obscure fandoms? What do you like that few others seem to?

Here is my list!

Ecco the Dolphin: Old series for the Genesis/Mega Drive that stars a bottlenose dolphin who travels through time and fights space aliens. His friends include a blue whale, flying dolphins from the future, and a telepathic creature that looks like a gigantic DNA strand. Very strange, very hard, and very fun.

Skies of Arcadia/Legends: An Dreamcast RPG, later given a slightly but meaningfully enhanced remake on the Gamecube, about Robin Hood-type pirates who live in a world of floating islands with flying sailing ships travelling between them. To repeat: FLYING PIRATES. Also wonderful characters, both pirates and not pirates, six magical Moons, and an engrossing storyline.

Raptor Red: A novel about a year in the life of a female Utahraptor. It's sort of like a nature documentary that lets the viewer see the animals' thoughts; none of the characters are sapient, but many of the predators are reasonably intelligent. Now, admittedly I've never gotten the itch to write fic for this little book, but it's just... it's just so awesome that I think more people should read it, if nothing else.
Most of my fandoms are relatively obscure, but some more than others.

Power Rangers SPD: I know, I know, it's Power rangers, it's not that obscure. But I'm specifically a fan of the SPD season. It has a nice plot and great characters, and more cohesion than previous seasons. It's so little like MMPR it's not funny.

Los Luchadores: This is an old show that was on Fox Kids about luchador superheroes. I don't know why--maybe the blend of camp and cool superheroness--but I loved it and wrote fic about it.

I'm interested in other relatively obscure fandoms, like Pokemon and the Sonic Adventure series, too, but I doubt they count.
I'd like to read Raptor Red fanfic. That was a nifty book.

Similarly, there's Clare Bell's "Ratha's Creature" books. They're about a society of intelligent, prehistoric sabre-toothed cats in a world where humans never evolved. If you can swallow that premise, they're otherwise gritty, realisitc, with gripping characters and situations. It would be a hard act to follow but a fun fandom to write for.

I've only seen one person besides myself write fic for the movie "Dead Man". C'mon, it's a Johnny Depp movie - ok, it's weird as hell - but isn't he a guaranteed fanfic magnet?
all right, so I only write one fandom I can consider relatively "obscure".

The Great Mouse Detective: Yes, a Disney film. In Victorian London, England, a little mouse girl's toymaker father is abducted by a peglegged bat. Going to the mouse world's version of Sherlock Holmes, Basil of Baker Street, it is soon discovered that this is more than just a simple kidnapping - it is a plot that could topple the Royal Monarch herself.
I liked that movie! I'll have to check out your fics.

My fandom is sort of obscure, at least in the States. In England and Japan (and possibly Australia and New Zealand) it's reached the status of cultural icon.

What is it? Thunderbirds. I write mostly for the Supermarionation television universe, with a little bit of the TV Century 21 comic books thrown in, but I do have one fic that's based on the 2004 live action movie.

Cute guys running around in big machines saving people... what's not to love? Not to be confused with the Rescue Heroes... these guys don't wear tremendously big boots.
The smallest/most obscure fandom I'm in is the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona/DDS fandom. I wish more fics would be written on SMT: Nocturne.
Whee, really late reply. X3

Anyway, my smallest fandoms are Star Fox and Haibane-Renmei.

Star Fox = anthropomorphic animals fight an evil monkey scientist in space! Also, one of them goes off and fights evil dinosaurs. Also, they come together again and fight space bugs.

Haibane-Renmei = girls are born with wings, get halos, and contemplate their existance while trying for their Day of Flight. More people should watch this anime.
I can officially say I now have two obscure writing fandoms!

Clue: Not the game. Not the mystery books (as funny as they were, though I can't remember the last time I read one). The film. After I first saw the movie, I checked Fanfiction.Net to see if they had a section, which they did (under Games). Out of all fifteen stories, only one had basis on the movie. While I disliked the turn the author had taken with it, I liked the premise, which inevitably led to "Back to the Clue".
Harvest Moon. The game about farming.

Because you can write fics about farming. And you can throw in all those fun bits of characterization from the games and have fun with it. Huzzah!