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Two suggestions to improve matters reviewers
1. Could the review box be a bit larger (have a few more rows)? At the moment it can barely hold one paragraph, and it feels rather claustrophobically small.

I like to type things that are just a bit longer, and it's really hard to maintain a coherent line of thought when I can't see what I've just written ;)

2. Would it be possible to notify reviewers of an author's reply to them? I don't know of any way to do so right now, short of stalking the review page of an author (which I feel guilty about doing so because it artificially drives up the number of hits and might make the author wonder why so many read, but so few review!)

Not sure whether e-mail notification or a new page would be better/less-resource intensive, but I think it would be really nifty! bats eyelashes imploringly
*improve matters _for_ reviewers

(Because apparently I don't double-check before I post.)