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Pairings that Make you Cringe.
Here's an interesting question... which pairings do you absolutely LOATHE? ... oh and why, of course.
If it's gay and non-canon, it is OUT. For obvious reasons.
Come to think of it, there is one pairing in particular that bothers me, and it's Sanji/Nami of One Piece fame. Because, as much as Sanji might wish otherwise, the only in character way he's getting any of that is if Nami is super-horny one day and can't find her vibrator. She charges him 100,000 Beli afterwards.
Pairings I hate... I HATE Doggie/Aisynia from Power Rangers: SPD. Now, this is a big spoiler for SPD...


... in SPD, Earth Commander Doggie Cruger is formerly of Sirius, and he is the only survivor of the battle of Sirius. His wife was taken and presumably killed by the Troobian General Benaag. So the whole series there is hinting that he's going to hook up with his best friend and employee, Dr. Katherine Manx. But no, at the end, all of a sudden Aisynia is alive and they're reuinited! And Aisynia has like no character whatsoever, whereas Kat has depth and stuff. So it's reallly frustrating. Now, Kat/Doggie/Aisynia wouldn't be bad, and I can even see Kat/Aisynia, but for some reason I don't like the idea of pairing Doggie with his wife. o_o
>>>If it's gay and non-canon, it is OUT. For obvious reasons.

The obvious reason being you're a homophobe? Or that you're an idiot?
No, see, homophobia doesn't enter it. It's when it's gay AND non-canon that it becomes a problem. Because by definition, it has to be horrendously out of character.
I disagree with that. Some characters are given an ambiguous sexuality, and some characters' sexuality are never addressed. Is it appropriate to assume that just becuase a character isn't shown with attraction to any particular character that they're straight?

For example, Sonic the Hedgehog. He's never shown oogling a girl and his behavior toward Amy is very chaste. If portraying him as gay is inappropriately OOC, so is playing him as straight; he has more tension with Shadow than with Amy and that's not saying much. Now I can see saying Gay!Shadow would be inappropriate due to his devotion to Maria... but who's to say that's sexual, either? What about Eggman, whose sexuality is never addressed? The only clues with him are his feminism (Sonic Heroes manual) and his constant belittling of Rouge in SA2. Is he gay? Is he straight? Most just assume he's straight, but I suspect he's gay.

Plus, in the real world, there are situations where a guy dates a girl, then comes out. Who's to say that can't happen in a fictional series? I've even heard of gay men falling in love with a woman, or gay women falling in love with a man. Sexuality isn't as rigid or strict or uniform as people think. It's a continuity. How sure can any one fan be of where a character falls on that continuum? We can only speculate. I admit that blatant, obvious, over the top portrayl of a straight character as gay is inappropriate (like, Jack from Titanic, or either of the female doctors in House) but I wouldn't completely discount it if it were well-written. But if there's even an iota of doubt, and it will be written realistically and well, then I say, go ahead. I might not read it, but I applaud people who are willing to experiment with the premise and characters of their favorite fictional series.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with JesusKetchum. Het or slash, if it's out of character it's out of character. Why does teh ghey make a weird pairing so much worse?

And just to ramble, but non-canon and OOC are related but distinct concepts. AUs, for example, are non-canon, but part of their appeal is trying to keep the characters in character despite a plot point turning out differently or everyone being pirates or something.

Anyway... to answer the topic's question, I'm an asexual genficcer anyhow, so I can take or leave most pairings. If it's believable in the context of the fanfic, great, whatever. If it's not, back button. Pairing wars just make me giggle these days.
To be honest, if the characters don't demonstrate a sexual orientation in the course of whatever it is they're from, it's pretty out of character for them to be romancing anyways, especially with another member of the established cast.
You know what? I just hate pairings in general. But the non-canon gay pairings get extraspecial hate because 99% of them involve Snape cocking Harry in the butt. oh, how I loathe thee, harry potter fandom.