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Yet anoter FFnet abandoner
Yes, I'm another person from FFnet who is coming here. I've finally concluded I can't take the site anymore. Any fellow betrayers out there?
i like ffnet but i couldnt post any of my stories there! then me and my sis found this wonderful site so now we can post our stories. this site rocks!
Yea! Glad to meet ya!
I came here when I discovered that FF.net had banned script format

I was, at the time, writing a parody in script format so that kind of ruined my plan

this site is alot more flexible, which I like
I enjoy how ficwad hasn't reached the monstrous size that ffnet has. I may sound agoraphobic, but it feels a lot less personal than ficwad. Does that make sense?
Heh. Fanficton.net is extremely difficult, not to mention their anti-smut thing they have going on. And I'm too young to join AFF, sooooo. This was the onlyoption! Nice to meet you, btw.
Heh. Fanficton.net is extremely difficult, not to mention their anti-smut thing they have going on. And I'm too young to join AFF, sooooo. This was the only option! Nice to meet you, btw.

I just discovered this place after searching for a site that was not FFN. I stopped using FFN after one of my fics was GAFFed (Godawful Fan Fiction) and they instead of just MSTing or just saying "She needs to work on grammer" which I can totally live with someone saying.

They didnt do this, they personally attacked me, and my fic, and when I reported it to FFN they didnt seem to care that there users were being spammed, bashed and threatoned by people using this site so I just stopped sharing my fics and told FFN I was never going to use there site again, and I havent since.
Personally, I dislike FFnet because of the bad grammatical usage there. I can't read a story with improper grammar or else my mind will not focus on the story itself. I'm not saying that bashing is okay, since everyone (including me) makes an error occassionally, but I agree that if your fic has waaaay too many typos that were just careless and fixable, FIX THEM.

But yes, everyone on FFnet is a lover of bitchiness. I agree with you there, Danielle.
Hello there!

I still crosspost my tamer stuff on ff.net, although the reviews there tend to be minimal. Also, it's a useful cache for those items that I've written for fun, but which I know are a bit of self-indulgent twiddle employing some of the same cliches which we find endearing but all too predictable in the FF series. (E.g. the obligatory capture/rescue sequence, or the Angstful Revelation of a Dark Past).

Er anyway. Hello! I spam the FFX and X-2 board here, as do a bunch of my friends from LJ.

We bailed on FF.net for the most part, and a lot of people post their work on their own LJs, then get the LJ community ff_press to link to it. Ficwad's a great little nook, but if you're looking for more to post and read, I suggest checking out http://community.livejournal.com/ff_press and seeing the userinfo if you want to know how to have them include links to your own stuff.

Not to say everything posted there is perfect either, but I'd say 95% of it is soundly readable and enjoyable.

I still prefer a fanfic archive like ficwad, though, because it's nice not having to hunt back through journal entries, and it's all in one place. Also, I appreciate the (weak) parental controls. (Sorry wasterbitch, it's not that I think the 13-18 crowd is too young for smut; I just feel that it's up to parents, not me, to decide what's best for their kids.)