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?? i hate it when you see a lot of hits on a story and you get happy and then you see no one reviewed it. WHY DOES NO ONE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really its just annoying!
I feel the same. I'm new here and I posted one fic. It was a parody and I wanted to see if anyone found it funny, but so far I have three reads and no reviews so I don't know what to think :|
One of my stories has 1,796 reads and 9 reviews. So only something like 1% of the people who read it reviewed it. Such is life.
i know i had 23 hits on one story and 34 on the other and no reviews!
People aren't obligated to review. It doesn't mean no one likes your story, just that...they don't feel the urge to say anything. Or they don't know what to say.

I know I certainly don't review every story I read, even if I love it. Complaining when it happens to me would just be hyppocritical.
On another site, I have a story with 5247 hits and only 70 reviews. Another story has 1681 hits with 24 reviews. Some stories have hundreds of hits and no reviews.

I chalk it up to lack of interest in the writer's efforts. Or perhaps they cannot even write well enough to compose a "I found this great!".

It is especially frustrating for me because I posted my first slash piece at adultfanfiction.com to test the waters. Out of four hundred hits, I got one comment, and after over six hundred hits, I have only four. It kind of leaves you wondering if you are on the wrong track.

I know that readers are not obligated to review. I am not obligated to prevent the door I just let go of from slamming into the person behind me, either, but I do it out of courtesy. If a person takes a chance on baring their soul, then I think that anyone reading it should at least acknowledge that someone out there is breathing enough to enjoy it.

I comment on just about everything I read. The only time is when it is not bad enough to actually tell the person that they cannot compose a sentence, or it is just so horrible that I do not have the heart to let them know. If it is good, then I tell them. If it is fixable, I say something. So to me, no comment is the same as telling me to give up writing and go back to just music.

And Nightspore, I hate to burst your bubble, but you only got .05% of your hits. That is like, five hundreths of a percent. I am so sorry. :(

Good thing I write for myself and not others, but it does help the writing to know it is appreciated.
And, IcedCoffee, complaining would be hypocritical.
i never looked at it that way i mean i review alot of the stories i read but some i forget to uz i dunno, they're not remember -ish (i dont remember those stories) i usually post a comment or two on the new chapter. i just thnk it would be nice if someone takes the time to type something at least tell them if its good or not if one of mine isnt, a good "how to fix this up" would be nie. dare i say even wonderful
Sometimes just a "great concept and I enjoyed it" would be nice. It is not always necessary to write an indepth review. I think that is what scares most people. I would rather hear "I really like the character so-and-so in this story" than nothing at all. Or the ubiquious "this is soooooo kewl!"

If I feel the author really wants the help, I will offer my opinions on the story, as I understand it. That does not happen much here because I am not familiar with most of the fandoms. I will also offer help on construction, but only if the person wants it. Some are awfully touchy about criticism. I almost always leave on critique. Depending on the reception, I will leave others. I make the first effort, but it must be reciprocated.
LOL it's okay, Rous, after failing math three times in high school, I have no illusions about my lack of competence in that area! All I know is, it's a tiny amount. But I post on other sites and I've gotten used to ficwad being pretty lousy for getting comments.
The lack of reviews.
I totally agree, Kebito. It's really annoying, especially because I (and from what I understand, a lot of you) comment on just about everything I read. You would think Karma would balance it out, but I guess not.
I used to get really paranoid about reviews, thinking that if no one reviewed, I was the suckiest writer ever, should burn my keyboard and then go and eat a bucket of ice cream to try and console myself.
Now I've realized that people are just NOT that courteous, and probably never will be... So I'll post whatever story I see fit and not care about the reviews...