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Harry Potter Fans?? Anyonee?
I'm A Harry Potter Fan! I Love Harry Potter, I just recently got hooked on it though, My Friends got me reading the books...sadly to say I'm only on the 6th book. I just started the 6th,,, so please don't spoil it for me... even though my brother already told me one of the biggest spoilers in the 6th book...:(
What makes you think anyone likes Harry Potter? :P

Of course I have all the books and DVDs, so I really can't talk. :)

It's hard to imagine that book 6 has been out so long and you've managed to avoid most spoilers.
Hey it's me! But ya, Reko, it is hard to imagine you've avoided most spoilers, like JoeFenton said. That dumb brother of yours though...lol
Hey. I love the HP books, but I don't think the movies are very good. My fav characters are Draco, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George and Snape. One thing that really annoys me on the movies is that Harry has blue eyes in it, when there ment to be green, little things like that really annoy me, lol, also things such as in fics when people write the characters differnt from the book (e.g, Blaise bing black, and LOADS saying he's Italian, after th 6th book came out). I don't no why this annoys me so much, it just does.

The books are great though.