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Original Vampire Stories (I'll read yours!)
Post here if you want me to read and review/rate your stories! I love reading anything that is worth reading. I have my own as well, and I am an experienced reader when it comes to Vampires. Please Post!

The story I've got up now is in the "werewolf" stage, with a witch to come soon (it's on the plate for today's piece of writing) - and I have every intention of adding vampires shortly down the line.

The story I plan to post fairly soon has vampires in a minor role, with a dhamphir in a slightly larger one.
Sweet. I shall read it.
my story will eventually have vampires...but not right yet. I'm still setting it up. I do post regulary though.
truth be told i'm waiting for someone to suggest something about 'em. I'll write just about anything on 'em. Just feel free to ask. Oh and most of 'em will be "violent" in some nature or another. Just as an FYI
I don't no about stories, but I have poems on Vampire's and Demons if your intrseted.
Sorry. I just write Underworld 'fics.